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    So far I’ve been really impressed with the OSSC, I’ve also tested the following consoles with LPF off and they all work.

    PAL switch less modded SNES (luma sync scart)
    PAL Gamecube
    PAL mastersystem 1
    NTSC Sega Nomad
    PAL switch less modded Saturn
    PAL Dreamcast (RGB Scart)
    PAL Amiga 1200 (workbench judders a bit but games are fine)
    PAL Amiga 600
    Original xbox (RGB Scart)
    PAL spectrum +2
    JAP Neo Geo AES
    PAL PS1? (its a Sony Net Yaroze)

    The following consoles worked with Video LPF setting set to 2.5mhz (high)

    JAP RGB Modded N64
    JAP RGB Modded PC Engine
    PAL Switch less modded Megadrive 1/Mega CD 1/32X

    I couldn’t get my PAL Jaguar to work but it’s been mentioned that a 60hz mod fixes that one.

    I still need to test my wii, ps2 and PSP Go on component connections and my other consoles don’t do RGB yet! PAL NES, US NTSC NES and PAL Goldstar 3DO.

    The one that I can’t get to work at all is my JAP Neo Geo CD (Top Loader), the OSSC just doesn’t register that anything has been plugged in. So far I’ve only played with the Video LPF setting and I’ve had no joy. Has anyone tried a Neo Geo CD on the OSSC and got it to work or have any ideas on settings i could try?


    You get “NO SYNC” on the OSSC’s LCD with the Neo Geo CD?


    I have the same problem with my MVS. I just says no sync

    I suspect it is because neo geo have a non standard refresh rate. Yours will be too high and mine too low. I don’t know what the fox is for that. I have tried to find info on overclocking the gpu by 1% to bring it in line, but can’t find anything and it shouldn’t be necessary

    Can marqs please take a look at neo get for the next update?


    Yeah it just says NO SYNC, my AES works perfectly using the same cable so it cant be specific to all Neo Geo hardware.


    You should get something on the LCD even if the refresh rate is out. Indeed, the OSSC shouldn’t care about that, it’s the display that will struggle.


    It’s the ossc then, my mvs works on CRT, bvm, framemeister and to directly.
    I have tried putting a 470ohm resistor on the sync line but it makes no difference. I’m hoping a firmware update will sort it out eventually


    are there any tests i can run for you guys to help fix this?


    @Lukemcc: do you have an adapter to connect Neo Geo CD to AV3? It’s probably the same issue as with Jaguar (digitizer IC fault), and funny thing is that it only seems to appear on some Neo Geo HW (I’ve tested one MVS without issues). Could you also post details from OSSC screen (also from infopage) when running AES?


    Even on Jaguar though something is displayed on LCD, not just “NO SYNC”…?


    I don’t have an adapter to connect to AV3, if you can point me in the right direct i’ll get one to do some testing with.

    I was thinking about this a little bit last night. I’m no expert at these things but the Neo Geo CD has a dedicated S-Video connection, do you think the fact that this connection is seperate could in some way have an effect on the sync strength of the AV port and if so could a crazy combo cable be used plugged into both the s-video and AV out ports on the Neo Geo CD wired to use the S-video as Sync? I think this would be a little bit like luma sync wouldn’t it? Obviously it’d be no good for other AES/MVS but it might be a fix for CD’s.


    I doubt it affects the sync strength, but yes you could certainly take luma from there and use it for sync if you could wire the cable up to do so.


    Hi Lukemcc,
    I am curious to know the schematic for your AES Scart cable, my sync is all over the place for my AES and I was thinking it could be due to a cheap scart cable, maybe there are no caps etc on the RGB or Sync wire? I will bust it open tomorrow to take a look.



    Maybe that model Neo-Geo CD has similar sync signal that MV1A – see this thread. There’ll be a setting for that in the next fw.


    I wanted to report the same as above…

    OSSC version 0.76 (Default settings)
    Neo-Geo MVS-1FZ UniBIOS (all carts)

    “NO SYNC” reported on the OSSC LCD screen, no output sent to DVDO/TV.

    The two changes that fix the sync issue…

    Sync OPT. > H-PLL Post-Coast 2 lines
    Sync OPT. > Hsync Tolerance 8.30us


    I can confirm I had the same with my MVS MV-1C.

    I had to set these settings in order for it to work.

    H-PLL pre and post coast -> 3
    Hsync tolerance -> 10us (or higher)

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