OSSC No video (Repair Attempted)

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    I had an OSSC that didnt output video at all, not even the gray pattern, had jibberish on the LCD. I checked all the Voltage regulators and most of them had shorts specifically U7,U9 and U12-U16. I replaced all the regulators including U5 and U6 that didnt have shorts. then tested for shorts and they was still there. I replaced the PCM1862DBTR, IT6613 HDMI Transmitter ICs and both fuses. The shorts were gone so I tested the OSSC. At first I was able to get gray pattern with pink colors for a few seconds then it would just go out, but the LCD is no longer displaying jibberish. I can cycle through modes etc so I made some progress. Tried another IT6613 but no still no good. Tested again today and still no video. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to replace to fix it? The Cyclone Chip maybe?

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