OSSC and Blackmagic Intensity

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    Hi there, I’m trying to get my new OSSC to work with my Blackmagic Intensity Pro 4k.
    My current aims to capture the GameCube using GBI at 240p.

    The OSSC works great with my TV, but when I connect to my capture card, I can only get it to display the Test Pattern.
    Changing to any source means no picture.
    Anyone got any hints/tips about how to get a signal through?
    I’m aware that BMI cards are notoriously hard to work with, I just wish I could create my own script for input on it or something.

    I’ve also tested with an Elgato HD, but can only get it to work on linedoubling.

    EDIT: Also, could there be some way to standardise the output from the OSSC? I’m not sure exactly what version of 720p it’s outputting.


    If that’s anything like the 1080p Black Magic capture cards, it’s notoriously picky about input refresh rate. Pretty much all consoles are too far of exact NTSC/PAL specs to work. OSSC is a linedoubler/tripler only so you can’t do output frame lock like you can on DVDO/XRGB Mini for instance.

    To ‘standardise’ the output requires chaining through another scaler, e.g a DVDO/ABT model.


    Having a similar issue.

    Which models exactly would be good to chain with?

    DVDO iScan Pro is almost a myth as far as being able to find one goes.


    Is there ANY capture card that will take a direct input from the OSSC in linetriple mode? I could easily swap out the blackmagic for something else if needed, but i’m unwilling to add another device to the pipeline at present.


    I would say a card like a datapath, magewell, micomsoft, or startech might be able to handle the off spec signal of the OSSC.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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