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    I’ve had my OSSC for a while now and originally bought it from my friend.

    I noticed that there would be kind of a static issue where the game would flicker sometimes / lose signal temporarily + go black screen and refresh the image.
    Over time it has just got worse and happens more often.

    I’ve tried a ton of things such as

    – different plug
    – different hdmi cables
    – coils on the wires to reduce static
    – updated the firmware
    – messed around with settings suggested that could help
    – I’ve even moved house and it still happens in my new house

    so have come to the conclusion its probably a faulty OSSC 🙁 is there anything that can be done about this? I stream full time and this is really important to fix since I use it for Ocarina of Time Speedruns. It’s been very painful for me recently because if I lose signal during my speedrun at a crucial moment my whole speedrun is over.

    Everyone I’ve recommended the OSSC and owns it has never had an issue like this, I’ve also never encountered a similar issue when using others at speedrun events

    The OSSC is the old Model that doesn’t do HDMI Audio (its not important to me anyway since I send audio into my mixer)

    I read some had a similar problems, but this happens both with my WII via Component (2x) and N64 via SCART RGB (4x)


    Does it happen in any pattern or just completely random? I recently had issues with just PS1 when the screen would flash very bright it would lose sync. I removed all extra components from my setup (I had everything going through a SCART switch, then SCART to Component adapter and a SCART audio breakout) and it completely stopped. I had something faulty in the setup causing interference…

    Problem is that would be so hard to track down (well start barebones with device hooked directly to OSSC would be a start.

    This may be unrelated though as this only happened to me on one console but worth mentioning anyway.


    Yes, like NewYears1978 said, try to remove as much components as you can (capture card, splitters, etc) to see if the issue persists. And if you’re a full time streamer, just buy another one, even if you fix the issue on this one, I would fell more comfortable knowing that I have a second OSSC ready to go in case of problem.


    Spending another £162 + Postage without reassurance isn’t really a good option, what happens to the faulty one?

    The issue happens completely randomly with both Scart + Component. If I used scart for Wii then I wont get full quality, the audio cable on the Wii is completely separate.

    Ive tried it barebones too and it still happened with nothing else plugged in / active


    By barebones do you mean straight into a TV or Monitor or into the OSSC then to the output device? In this situation I’d want to check if the consoles are working properly; so if possible try to test the consoles without the OSSC.

    Another question, does it happen with only a particular game or all games test?

    Does the display on the OSSC show any information like a fluctuating resolution or a change in the HZ?

    Do you have any other consoles other than the Wii and the modded N64 so you could possibly test them?


    yeah just the console only and TV and it still happened

    ofc my consoles are working properly LOL

    it happens with every game, even with other consoles ive used


    “yeah just the console only and TV and it still happened” Then it’s not the OSSC
    “my consoles are working properly” Then it’s the TV
    “it happens with every game, even with other consoles ive used” definitely the TV


    I think BlueStinger thinks it’s your TV 🙂

    Do you have another display to try?


    Well, if he’s sure his consoles aren’t the problem and the issue persists when his consoles are not connected to the OSSC then first, it’s clearly not the OSSC. He’s a streamer, so by “it’s your TV” I really mean “the last thing in the chain”, maybe his capture card, PC or monitor. Or, all his cables have the same issue… Or his consoles aren’t as “working properly” as he seems to think, but what are the odds that multiple consoles/cables have the exact same issue at the same time ?

    So, I would look into the TV, capture card, monitor or whatever is connected at the end of his cables.

    (I’ve checked his Twitch channel, apparently he’s using a cheat device at least for the N64, maybe the issue comes from here)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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