OSSC noise over some inputs

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    I build my OSSC from the ground up and it’s working as of right now. But there are some issues left. The main issue I have is, that some inputs (SCART(Saturn) / Component(PS2)) are noisy with green / red dots.

    Sync and HDMI connection overall seems fine. VGA input of my Dreamcast also looks good and more or less noise free.

    The noise gets worse, the higher I go with the line modes. Line x2 only has sporadic noise and Line x5 has noise all over the place.

    OSSC Debugging

    I of course looked out for bridges / shorts. Does somebody has a good starting points to debug further? I personal think that the problem may be located somewhere between the THS7353 and the TVP7002PZP, since VGA doesn’t seem to be affected.


    That looks more like digital noise, so I’d first try another HDMI cable and if that doesn’t help, resolder all pins that connect to traces between IT6613E and HDMI socket.


    Thanks for the input. I will try reflow the IT6613E and the HDMI socket as soon as I have the time to do so.


    I went with over the pins between the FPGA, IT6613E and the HDMI socket with a solder iron and solder wick and reflowed the ESD protection on the HFMi traces again. This seems to resolve the problem with the digital noise.

    Now I only got a problem with the OSSC not beeing able to flash the serial flash and loading the profile settings. JTAG flashing works, but maybe I have an incompatibility with the SST25VF016B I use as a replacement for the hard to get original serial flash.

    But this problem here is solved now. Thanks a lot!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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