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    currently i’m using my retroconsoles with a Sony Trinitron crt. But i would like to use them with a bigger screen, my fullHD lcd and i need a really good upscaler. I have some questions:

    1) all my consoles (Super Famicom Jap, Dreamcast jap, Saturn Jap, PC Engine jap, Sega megadrive, Playstation 2, consolized MVS Neo Geo) have the scart RGB cable. And the NES has a modified cable so it has a high quality SCART cable. DO you think that all these console are correctly supported by OSSC? Is it possible/necessary to configure every console with its own image profile setting on OSSC?

    2) My current tv is a Toshiba 46″, model 46SV685D: is it supported by OSSC?

    3) I will buy a 4K lcd 55″: do you think that the image quality will decrease with OSSC? Is it better to use OSSC and retrconsole at maximum with a fullHD tv?

    thank you!


    1. NES and PC-engine do not output RGB natively. They need to be modded or use external adapter (PC-engine). You do not need to do individual settings, generic 4:3 mode looks perfectly fine out of the box (imho). Note that the linedoubling of 480i (relevant for PS2 especially) is not to everyones taste, passthrough may look better in that case.
    2. The four Toshibas that have been reported have good compatibility for higher linemodes. This still doesn’t guarantee your particular model, but odds are favorable I’d say.
    3. This totally depends on which 4k tv you had in mind and what you are comparing with.


    1) yes, my pc engine too is modded in order to have a SCART RGB output. My NES has a scart output but not RGB because the NES can’t have the RGB output in any way. The NES can only have the Video Composit + Audio output.
    Do you think that the scart output is enough in order to correctly run NES and PC Engine with OSSC?
    2) perfect
    3) I would like to buy a Sony lcd 4k. I still not know if an oled screen (AF8/AF9 model) or a lcd (XF9005 model).I’m comparing them with the video image that i could have with OSSC in my current Toshiba fullHD. I mean: the image quality upscaled on a 4K lcd with OSSC is worse than a fullHD lcd?



    Only French NES will work on the OSSC. If your NES doesn’t have a “RGB out” port it won’t work.


    There is a NES-RGB mod. https://etim.net.au/nesrgb/

    If you want to run NES without mod, then you need something that accepts composite input, like retrotink 2x or framemeister. There is a composite transcoder planned, but no estimate when it will be released.

    Also, you keep referring to Scart, you should know scart is just a connector and says nothing of the video signal.

    Ossc accepts ONLY rgb & YPbPr.


    thanks. Yes i know that scart is only a connector 🙂
    I read here https://videogameperfection.com/2018/07/23/retrotink-the-verdict/ that it could be possible to use OSSC with NES if i take one of this: https://videogameperfection.com/products/hdmi-to-vga-adapter/
    But my NES as i said has a scart connector. Whcih connecto i can buy in order to use my NES with OSSC?



    I’m pretty sure that article describes using an HDMI to VGA converter to connect the HDMI output of the RetroTINK 2X to the DE-15 input on the OSSC, not that it somehow allows the OSSC to understand composite or S-Video.

    You would need to add a RetroTINK 2X to your setup. You’d connect the NES to the RT2X with an RCA cable, then the RT2X to the OSSC using your HDMI to VGA converter.


    aaah ok, i need not only the RetroTINK 2x but in addition and RCA cable like this: https://www.ebay.it/itm/303055036379?ul_noapp=true
    Currently i only have a scart cable for my nes in order to connect him to my crt

    Excluding NES, all my others console shoudl work correctly with OCSS by default, correct?

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