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    Hey everyone, I just bought an OSSC and it arrived today in perfect working order.

    So I hooked it up to my PS2 and my PG348Q ultrawide monitor, and unless my memory is screwing with me, the first time i plugged it in, passthrough worked flawlessly and produced a nice soft image on screen.

    Since then i’ve tried for hours including resetting it and restarting it and as it stands the only resolution i can get to work with the OSSC and my monitor on PS2 is the Line2X (bob) mode – which I really dislike due to the shaky and grainy image.

    The game I was playing doesn’t look like quite the right aspect ratio either, seeming slightly stretched.

    Can anyone help me clarify what’s going on here? Happy to provide any information you ask for, thank you!


    Update: I’m starting to get a little buyer’s remorse here. 480i Passthrough is stretched wide as hell and squished into the middle, bob deinterlacing looks awful and has some weird over/underscan thing going on at the left side of the screen.

    All I want is to play PS2 games at the proper resolution and aspect ratio including 480p for those that can manage it. Right now my cheapo scart-hdmi upscaler does a much better job of this even with a tiny bit of input lag. Really hope someone can help me solve this as I don’t really want to send it back if I don’t have to.


    I don’t know how to solve the problem but here is something I experienced so far. The interlaced 576 picture from PS2 is a bit shaky when captured via Elgato Cam Link. On my Samsung 720p TV the shakyness is unnoticeable. When using Passthrough mode the content captured by Elgato is unwatchable because it just shakes too much. On 2x (bob) I can get rid most of the shakyness. The frames of the picture will still shake but I can get rid of it just cropping them a bit. After this I can still notice a bit of shaking on some texts and lines but isn’t that noticable and I’m OK with the results. I tried all the deinterlace methods in OBS Studio and I found that Blend 2x works best for me. I’m still not using it because it makes some ghosting.

    If you set your FPS to 25 (576) or 30 (480) the shakyness will disappear but it’s for you to decide if it’s really worth it. I don’t know if it’s possible to get nice and smooth interlaced image with OSSC.


    I could live without the line doubling stuff but regarding the shakiness / jitteriness of the picture, all I want to use is straightforward Passthrough and it just flat out refuses to work on my PG348Q. I reset it, checked again and for a moment it seems to be on passthrough but nope it’s defaulted to line2x bob again and when I manually select passthrough the picture gets squashed to hell and is unusable.

    When I attach the OSSC to my HiSense 4K TV though it supports a couple of different modes to greater or lesser degrees, including passthrough with no weird shaking.

    Sad really, this *has* to work with my PG348Q PC monitor (I have a QX2710 that I tried connecting through DVI-D but that didn’t work either) or it has to go back : / if anyone knows what settings to adjust I’d be super grateful. As things stand my cheapo chinese upscaler does the job very slightly better with none of the hassle.


    I would not expect passthrough to look particularly good, nor even work, on a lot of PC monitors. Modern PC monitors are not really made to handle interlaced images.

    Second, if you reset settings, then it will always revert to bob-deinterlace, because that is the default in the firmware. If you want to save the passthrough setting, save a profile.

    Third, unless your display has advanced aspect ratio controls & zoom options, your only option (bar a secondary scaler) to correct aspect/positioning issues is to change H.Samplerate and adjust H.Backporch as needed. However, in the first case that can sometime lead to other artefacts, such as vertical banding/blurring.


    OSSC is not really the device for you if you want sophisticated deinterlacing, it was never intended for such a purpose.


    It should be noted that page 3-8 of the manual for the PG348Q says it does not support interlaced resolutions, so there’s no point in using Passthrough. (I can’t find a PDF manual for the QX2710, but I assume it’s the same for that one, too.)

    If you want to deinterlace for use on your PC monitor, you probably want something like the Framemeister.


    IIRC the PS2 can output in progressive mode if you use the component cable, also you can force the p mode with an homebrew called “GS mode selector”


    it works with SCART too, using sync on green (also supported by OSSC). Not all PS2 games work when forced to 480p sadly.

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