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    I have received and tested the HDMI to Component box from Aliexpress/Ebay (LINK).
    I have to say I’m impressed, this is one of the cleanest digital to analog converters I’ve seen.
    This is a straight DAC with no scaling, refresh rate conversion or any other peculiar processing, what comes in comes out but in analog YPbPr.
    It doesn’t distort the image in any shape or form, and outputs very accurate YPbPr analog image of the HDMI input.
    It accepts YCbCr and RGB over HDMI at the input, and output correct voltage levels at the YPbPr output with no noise or any apparent anomalies.

    The OSSC accepts the signal from this box like any other console and especially good with 240p.
    I think this is currently the best way to add Composite and S-Video to the OSSC if you have both.
    Also useful if your TV doesn’t like the HDMI signal from the RT2x (or any other device), but is more tolerable in the Component input.

    Seems like I’m exaggerating in this post, but no, this unit is really good.
    Only 12$, very recommended !!

    Here is a video by Mike Chi using this box with the RT2x and OSSC:


    Their are lots and lots of similar units on eBay and bootlegs too
    Note the unit you link too is a Model:SD-020


    I bought HDMI to Component Converter to use S-Video with OSSC.
    I configure all sugested settings in OSSC.
    My question :
    What mode you are using in settings in RetroTink2x? DVI or HDMI?

    On RetroTink2x on HDMI mode I don’t have synchronization on OSSC.
    If I RT2X switch in DVI mode I have synchronization between RT2x and OSSC – but I don’t have proper colours on test screen from RT2x.
    If I connect my computer to converter form Aliexpress via HDMI input – screen via OSSC is fine.
    If I connect DVD player to OSSC via input AV2 (Component connection) everything works fine.

    It looks like issue show up only when I connect RT2x to converter from Aliexpress. In this case looks like I don’t have red colour. Do you have any thoughts?

    Direct view from RetroThink 2x (HDMI output)


    View from RT2x ==> HDMI Component converter ==> OSSC Input (AV2)


    View from RT2x ==> HDMI Component converter ==> OSSC Input (AV2) without Pr signal


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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