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    So I finally got around to installing the SuperCIC in my 1CHIP SNES (PAL model, SNSP-1CHIP-01).

    I think I did a decent job and got things right. And the net result is that my Super Mario World cartridge appears to run, reacts to buttons, and the LED changes as expected based on the joypad shortcuts to change between 50Hz/60Hz.

    But the problem is I get a rolling picture, as if the sync signal wasn’t working anymore. Here’s a video of it:

    The cable I’m using is this sync-on-luma one from Retrogamingcables:

    It sounds like the rolling picture might be a minor problem I could fix, if I only knew a bit more about what could have gone wrong. Can anyone offer advice?


    Doh! Nevermind… tested it today and it looks like it was just my small CRT’s SCART input being a bit glitchy. Silly of me not to check. But good news is my SuperCIC mod seems to work perfectly! 🙂

    Less good news is that the SuperCIC mod did not fix the video dropouts in 60Hz that my TV was showing with the OSSC on old quick’n’dirty 60Hz-enabled 2chip console. As the 2chip was outputting 59.53Hz in NTSC rather than 60.08Hz, I was blaming the dropouts on this. But it looks like something else must be causing them…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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