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    Hi all,

    First post here, sorry if the question has already been asked, but I could not find anything relevant for my specific problem.

    When using line multipliers mode, video display is almost perfect, but I have sound drop. By that I mean that every few seconds, sound goes really low (or turn off completely?) and then come back.

    As far as I’ve tested, it happens it on those configurations:
    – Wii, 480p through component, line x2
    – Wii, 480i or 576i through scart, line x4
    – Gamecube, 480i through scart, line x4
    – No issue with SNES, no matter what line multiplier settings I use.

    I believe this may happen with other consoles, but I haven’t purchased required cables yet.

    Could this be an issue with my TV? I have the Sony KD55XE7096, and it handles almost all resolutions I’ve tested so far with Gamecube, SNES and Wii (except the line x3, which makes my screen blink).

    I’me still learning all the stuff related to audio and video sync, maybe I missed something and I can manipulate it somewhere?

    Thanks in advance !


    If you’re using your TV to output audio, have you checked to see if you have any sound processing turned on, like a volume normalizer?


    I don’t think so, I’ve gone through all available settings and nothing helped. I can manipulate things related to video, but when it comes to audio, this is quite limited.


    I was going to create a thread with exactly the same issue.

    So here is my setup:

    1. OSSC 1.6
    2. Gamecube
    3. gchd mk-ii
    4. Official Wii component cables
    5. TV Sony x930e
    6. HT Sony DN1080 ( the tv is passing all the sound to the HT through ARC)

    What I have noticed:

    • When I enable 480pX2 audio seems to drop out every 7-15 second, this happens with both Audio Downsampling set to 2x or off
    • 480p passthrough seems to work fine, the problem only occur with 480p x2
    • I haven’t noticed sound drop outs with GBI 360px2 and x3 so far.
    • Connecting Component Cables (with sound) directly to the TV also works fine ( So the cables are not the problem)

    Seems like there is an issue with audio processing and 480p X2 at least with the gamecube.


    Justed tested with the PS2, and again, no issue with passthrough, but sound drops with line multipliers modes.

    I also noticed jittering (that starts to be annoying at line x2), and I was wondering if all of those problems could be related to bad quality cables. I have the original SNES RGB cable, et third-party ones for the other consoles.

    Can anyone confirm that this issues may/will disappear with good quality cables (from retrogamingcables for instance)? Even if issues are present with official Wii cable, this may still be a path to follow for a resolution.


    Is it possible it’s your HDMI cables?


    I’m pretty confident regarding the quality of my HDMI cables, but I will make some tests tonight with other ones.

    EDIT: Tested with two other HDMI cables, same issues occurs.


    I would ditch the ARC setup as a first step as it’s known to be problematic at the best of times, try switching to optical out from your telly.


    I don’t use ARC (as far as I know? Maybe switching the HDMI port I use could help, I’ll try).
    For the optical out stuff, I don’t have the required hardware right now, I’ll see if some friend can lend my some.


    Did you ever find a solution @Namaneo ?


    No I didn’t, for now I stick to lower scaling factors when this occurs. If you have any clue, I’m listening!

    Eric Gonzalez

    Hi @Namaneo and everyone
    I just wanted to chime in my experience as well without opening a new thread

    Dreamcast >> VGA >> OSSC >> HDMI to Sony TV

    * 480p in Sampler to DTV
    * Everything else to default

    I noticed the following issue:
    Line 1x (passthru): I get zero audio drops (30 min tested).
    Line 2x (doubling): I get random audio drops between 30-90 seconds.

    No other settings changed. It really is too bad since Line 2x is such a great looking picture that is interrupted by the audio drop.


    Can someone try generating identical timings on PC via CRU and see if the problem is replicated when connected to one of these Sony TVs? Timings matching 480px2 / 480ix4 modes are listed below:

    Horizontal active: 1440
    Horizontal front porch: 32
    Horizontal sync width: 124
    Horizontal total: 1716
    Horizontal sync polarity: –

    Vertical active: 960
    Vertical front porch: 18
    Vertical sync width: 12
    Vertical total: 1050
    Vertical sync polarity: –

    Pixel clock: 108MHz


    I never used CRU before but I am working on it, stay tuned…

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