Console repairs/modifications – terms of service

Our console repairs/modifications are carried out to the highest standard by an experienced technician. To ensure the smoothest possible service, please note the following guidelines and terms and conditions.

We are based in the Republic of Ireland, but our subcontractors may be based overseas – Please check at the top of the page as to which country our subcontractors are based in. Work may be carried out for customers overseas at our discretion. Overseas customers living outside the EU MUST agree to cover any and all out of pocket expenses. This includes any customs, VAT, duty, handling fees or other charges. We advise customers based outside the EU to contact us first. International customers from EU countries will not be charged import tax or duties due to the EUs single market but may have to pay more for return shipping than domestic customers.

Information sharing – In order to complete your order, we must share your name, e-mail address and return shipping address with our subcontractors. We require your return postage address in order to return your console. These details are kept confidential and Neither BetaGamma Computing or VGP Media Ltd will use them for any other purpose other than for the repair, refurbishment or modification work you ordered.

Brexit – Please note that currently we are NOT able to accept orders for arcade, console or classic computer modifications, repairs or upgrades from UK customers (except Northern Ireland).

Return postage – our prices do NOT include return postage. To get an estimate for return postage, please use the website here –

Inspecting your hardware – All hardware submitted will be fully checked before repairs or modifications are carried out. If we discover that your hardware will need additional repairs above and beyond what has been initially paid for, we will let you know by e-mail before carrying out any work. All our modification work includes free cleaning inside the console and a check for bad capacitors, broken traces or other damage.

Custom repair/modification jobs – Custom work, when available, is subject to the same terms and conditions. For complex/unusual repair work we reserve the right to charge an inspection fee, to be agreed before hardware is posted to us.

Inspection fees – If you send your console/hardware to us in order to diagnose a fault, we may charge an inspection fee. If we determine after a brief initial examination that your hardware cannot be repaired or modified, we will return your hardware for the cost of return postage only. If we need to perform a more detailed examination, we will charge an inspection fee of  €34.50 + VAT (where applicable). This covers an additional hour of testing/troubleshooting and minor repairs. If we still haven’t determined the nature of the fault by this time, or a more complex repair is required, we will contact you to discuss further options. Please note that inspection fees are non-refundable, even if we are unable to repair your hardware. Arcade PCB/Hardware is always subject to a minimum €34.50 + VAT inspection fee.

Warranty – All modifications have a six month return to base warranty. This warranty is void if the hardware has been tampered with and does not cover misuse or minor imperfections that do not materially alter functionality. VGP Media Ltd does not warrant and is not responsible for damages caused by misuse, abuse or accidents. Modified consoles may require additional cables to function correctly (e.g correctly wired RGB SCART cables). It is the customers responsibility to make sure his/her hardware is used correctly. Hardware that fails under warranty must be returned by the customer at their cost. Our warranty covers only the repair/modification work we carried out. If your hardware has failed for another reason that is unrelated to the repair/modification we performed then we will offer you a fresh quotation for a repair, if possible. Legitimate/valid warranty repairs will be repaired by our technician and returned to you free of charge.

Packaging your console – Please package your console/hardware carefully before sending it to us! Use good strong reusable packaging, preferably double walled cardboard. Wrap the unit securely in bubble wrap or similar packaging material and ensure that it is not loose within the box. Use additional bubble wrap, newspaper, air pockets or other suitable packaging to prevent any lateral movement. Take a note (or better still a picture) of your console or hardware’s serial number before sending it to us. We recommend either DHL or an insured service from the Post Office for sending your console to us. Please check the weight of your parcel carefully. If we are charged for an under-paid item of mail, this will then be charged back to you on completion of the work.

Items damaged or lost in transit:- We recommend using an insured courier for your consoles. Specifically we recommend DHL or an insured service from the Post Office. We also strongly recommend that you take a photograph of your machine before posting.

If customer items are lost/damaged while being shipped TO us, it is the customers/senders responsibility to file claim for compensation with the courier they used. We will assist with this any way we can.

If the items are lost/damaged while being shipped FROM us, you agree to assist / VGP Media Ltd, its subcontractors/employees or anyone working on our behalf with submitting a claim for compensation. This can include (but is not limited to) providing proof of the value of the item, photographs or records of the item, statements or supporting documentation or even in extreme cases material for submission in small claims court.

Claiming compensation for consoles lost or damaged when returned to you – In the unfortunate event that a package is lost or damaged, all courier companies will demand to see some proof of the cost of your item before paying out any compensation. We regret we can only pay out compensation to the amount which the courier agrees to pay. This may be less than the total amount of insurance you paid for if you cannot sufficiently prove that the value of your item is equal to or greater than the insured amount.

Your Right To Cancel Your Order under the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations. Under EU law You have the right to cancel your order under the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations. However, this cancellation right does not apply to personalised products. Games consoles and hardware that has been modified or repaired count as personalised products and are therefore exempt. You may still cancel your order if work has not yet started on your games console. You must clearly communicate your decision to cancel to us sending us a email or by using the contact form here. If you cancel, we will reimburse any payment received, including the standard delivery charge, less the cost of return postage for your console, by the original means of payment.

VGP Media Ltd reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.

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  1. AlexUnder Base says:

    Awesome news ! Already want to send my Super Famicom Jr. but i was able to waiting until you’ll open again (1-2 months) but with this announcement the things goes well! Thank you guys ! I’ll prepare tonight my parcell and till this Friday will be on the road to you!

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