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If you need to contact us for any reason, you’re welcome to leave a comment on the appropriate page or simply use this contact form below. You can also contact us here about any custom repair/modification work you may have in mind. If you have a product you think we would be interested in reviewing then please contact us here too. We’ll even give it back once the review is complete if you really want us to 🙂

Note – Please do NOT use or .pw e-mail addresses to correspond with us, these do NOT work.

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    117 thoughts on “Contact us

    1. RetroGamer64 says:

      Hi, i was in the process of buying an OSSC but had to cancel my order because none of the payment Methods where compatible with mine. My Bank in Switzerland does sadly not supports iDeal or giropay. There must be a way to send you the money… 😉 Maybe direct to some Bankaccount or with a Paysafecard?
      Whatever the case, i will get that OSSC eventually… 😀

    2. Felix Hall says:


      If I order the RetroTink 2x-Mini what do I get besides the converter? What cables do I get? And what cables do I need to buy to get it to work?


      • BuckoA51 says:

        Just the RetroTINK Mini. Since as many people buy them for C64 as N64 here in Europe we only send the mini. You’d need to power it (USB or via one of our power adapters) a standard HDMI cable from the Mini to your TV and whatever cable to connect whatever console/computer you’re using.

    3. gntle303 says:

      Tried the contact with e-mail and it does not seem to like it for me. i had some questions regarding the Koryuu vs. RetroTink2x as i own a OSSC, what would be the best to use for example if i wanna use either the Koryuu with C64 and VHS/S-VHS to the OSSC and then capture with Elgato or should i look at the RetroTink2x to Elgato? Is it just a preference as i need either or or what would you recommend.

      • BuckoA51 says:

        I tried to reply but your e-mail bounced. I would not use OSSC with VHS players at all, it’s absolutely the wrong tool here. Due to the nature of VHS we don’t guarantee any of our products for use capturing VHS tapes but some customers have had luck with the RetroTINK range.

        • gntle303 says:

          thanks odd it bounced the mail, but it’s possible. But if the Koryuu works with C64 it’s all fine, i can live without the VHS stuff i will have that sorted out a different way.

    4. nocreditcard says:

      Thank you for answer.
      if paypal think that console-mods are illigal, then they are in my opinion wrong.
      To answer your question: i also don t trust paypal, but over the time, i prefer it as an comfortable method to pay.
      they also have till now not freezed my acount and if they do so, they can get lost and i would not use this service anymore.
      The pointg is, you make it uncessary complicatet for me, to order the ossc-scaler without an creditcard.
      to get an debit credit card or make an bank transfer to overseas might be possible, but its more aford/work then just use paypal.


      • BuckoA51 says:

        They’re wrong in our opinion too, and in the opinion of the law, but there’s nothing we can do about it. You will find many other stores like ours no longer take PayPal.

    5. nocreditcard says:

      Its not aceptable that you don t acept paypal from a customers viewpoint.
      you maybe know that there are also countries in the world, where usage of credit cards is not so strong like in the u.s or the uk.
      me for example never needed an credit card.
      i see an credit card even as additional risk for fraud an such thing.
      i also don t want an credit card!
      you should think again about your busines philosophy and that the way you are acting now not very customer friendly is.
      only that i can order in your shop, i will not get a credit card!
      become costumerfriendly and offer paypal or get lost.
      my opinion!


      • BuckoA51 says:

        We cannot take PayPal, because PayPal think that console modifications are piracy. That is PayPal’s policy not ours so complain to them.

        Why you would trust a company that likes to randomly freeze peoples accounts for months on end I don’t know.

        We can take debit cards as well as credit cards and even bank transfer in USD, sterling or Euro if necessary.

    6. Michael says:

      Hi guys.

      My Atari Jaguar and CD I’m not working is it possible you could give me a price on how much it cost to fix thank you very much.

    7. BlueHairKei says:

      Hey there.
      I’m interested in purchasing an OSSC for my Japanese SuperCIC Super Famicom and the other old consoles I have, including a digital mod PAL60 Megadrive. Before I commit to buy, I just want to ask, will the OSSC come with a PSU and a remote, or do I need to check the boxes to say that I want them prior to purchase?

      • BuckoA51 says:

        Availability of such updates is subject to the availability of the mod which is subject to availability of mod boards which may or may not be readily available… so in other words no sorry.

    8. Paulo Rogério Mendes Silveira says:

      Please, I just sent an email to change the address, because I went wrong when I bought the OSSC yesterday. Please confirm me, because I am very worried. Thank you

    9. JoeTheUseless says:

      Have you fixed the site issues? i waited 2 days to get a email confirmation that never arrived i was only able to sign up through lost password which took long enough to arrive the original sign up email never made it 😮

      Is everything fixed before i buy the OSSC? i don’t want to spend £180 on something that does not email customers quickly! back quite scary if you ask me :-o. Also have you enough stock to guarantee me it for Christmas i don’t want to be the last person on the list that gets cancelled due to not enough to go around. Sorry about the questions i am very careful when buying off new websites.



    10. AndreTrek says:

      Hello, how do I contact you about an OSSC pre-order I’ve made? Is there an e-mail address in particular that I should send my message to, or should I just use the contact form above?

    11. Ash says:

      I wish you would accept paypal it so difficult to purchase anything from you. I live in the us and cards are blocked from outside of the us even pre payed don’t work.

    12. Song Zhe says:

      I’m in China. I’ve got the invite, and how can I buy OSSC? I didn’ see my country in the selections.

    13. Anthony says:

      Can US consoles be modded with Gamecube HDMI upgrade? Or would I have to buy a Pal Gamecube if I want to use the mod? I want to play my childhood games again. Do you guys help install the mod? I’m new to the site. Its great. 😀 How would this work? Im new to this.Tired of playing my games on a blurry Screen xD How can I tell if my Gamecube is compatible with the upgrade? If you do overseas shipping how much would that cost in U.S dollars? Sorry for the questions love the site.

      • BuckoA51 says:

        It works on any Gamecube with the digital AV output port. The cost depends on the exchange rate at the time. Don’t forget Bad Ass Consoles in the USA also offers a similar mod.

    14. Maxime says:

      Hi, I’m interested in purchasing a PAL Super Nintendo console and having the power converted to make it work here in Canada. How much would it cost for the console and the modding ?

      • BuckoA51 says:

        It’s not really cost effective for us to stock a bunch of Gamecubes in different colours/designs etc, though I’m open to customers buying them on somewhere like eBay UK and having them shipped to us for modifications.

    15. Saj Khan says:

      Can’t get the validation of the contact us page to work. it is stuck as 9H57 but when I type that in it says incorrect code. Please help.

      in any case: here is the message I’m tring to send:

      Can I please preorder a gscartsw from you or go on your waiting list for one.
      If this is not possible then can I go on a mailing list for you to let me know when they come in stock so I can order one at that time.

      thanks and kind regards,

      Saj Khan

      • BuckoA51 says:

        Try refreshing the page if that happens. I’ve had a couple of folks say that but try as I might I’ve never been able to replicate the problem, sorry!

        GScart – I still have no ETA as to when I’ll be able to supply those, sorry.

    16. Lorenzo says:

      I’m from Italy and I’ve seen the SuperCIC Board for SNES on your website.
      Now I have a question about this board because I’ve seen that it contains the SuperCIC and the In Game Reset.
      I would like to know if it contains also the D4 patch for those games whom need it in order to make them work fully like Tetris 2 (It has a protection during the game that check the video mode during the game play)
      Pleas let me know

      Lorenzo Corso

    17. smartguy022 says:

      Hello can u guys still sell the that sd part for the Saturn the mod chip on them are no more and the overdrive are ahead of you please tell me what can be done to make the sd part for the Saturn the CD drive it never sold online and the people are asking the old systems to make a come back

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