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Acer K272HUL monitor (27″)

Syncs to almost everything ECS Amiga / OSSC can output including some weird resolutions (OSSC won’t sync to some most exotic modes though):

240p lineX2: Yes
240p lineX3: Yes
480p lineX2: Yes
480i passthroguh: Yes

Has some troubles with 60Hz NTSC mode, sometimes won’t sync until I power cycle the OSSC. Also aspect ratio of NTSC x3 mode is wrong (!) while x2 mode is ok, but x2 modes generally (other than NTSC also) has some weird interference in the picture while x3 modes do not. Go figure but at leas for PAL gaming and productivity mode is perfect.

Ps. OSSC itself has to be adjusted (advanced settings) when using display modes like 640×480 productivity, otherwise image quality is poor.