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Then double PAL modes…

DBLPAL:High Res No Flicker, DBLPAL:Low Res No Flicker:
H. samplerate: 976
H. synclen: 96
H. active: 744
V. active: 564
H. backporch: 100
V. backporch: 10
Sampling phase: Adjust until you get stable and crisp picture

Nothing out of ordinary here. Amiga’s min. resolution for double PAL is 640×512 and max. 744×564 when using full overscan. One could dial in V. active 540 which would result not into full overscan resultion but would be half of the 1080p and quarter of 2160p and thus pixel perfect for upscaling purposes. If your display does not sync to 564 or 540 then 576 could be tried (PAL) but that’s not pixel perfect with anything.