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Sony KDL-70R550A

x2 Works
x3 Works
480i Passthru Works
480p Passthru Works
480p x2 Works

Consoles tested so far:
RGB modded PC Engine Duo-R
RGB modded N64
Super NES
Atari Jaguar
Genesis 2
Genesis 2 w/32X*
Playstation 2**

*With the 32X attached there were significant jailbars and interference patterns. I did not attempt to make any adjustments to correct it. Removing the 32X improved the image clarity significantly but jailbars and interference were still slightly visible. I suspect this is really a problem with the console, though I do not see these artifacts when connected to a Sony Wega CRT.

**I used the Gran Turismo 4 to test various display modes, including 480p, 480p X2 and 480i passthru. The 1125i/1080i passthru mode showed no output, however I remember the PS2 1080i mode being squirrelly even on CRT HDTVs so I’m not ready to say the mode doesn’t work with the OSSC. The 480p linedouble mode was detected by the TV as 1440x900p. The aspect ratio was correctly preserved, but the image had a large black border that I could not adjust with the TV’s “zoom” feature.

Will update as I make my way through my consoles.