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I’m just about to pounce on one of the in-stock Barebones DIY kits. Pretty excited to dive in, and I have all the parts sourced, but the only thing stopping me is the S25FL216K Flash Memory firmware, which I’m planning to order from Mouser if that matters. Now, I don’t really have much experience with chip firmware, so apologies in advance if I’m missing something very obvious, but I’ve searched everywhere and haven’t really been able to find a solution, but I saw that BonzoBits had a question about it in the barebones kit comments, so he must have been down this same path.

So, I was hoping one of you brilliant DIYers could tell me how you managed to flash the S25FL216K in your assemblies? Did you get it pre-programmed in the Advanced DIY kit? Did you track down a NAND/NOR programmer to buy or borrow? Does it just get programmed with the initial FPGA firmware flash via JTAG after the OSSC is assembled (I’m hoping it’s as easy as this)? Or is there something else I’m missing?