Reply To: scaling filters


FW 0.75-rg0
– Added preliminary scaling filters for linex2 and linex3 M2/M3 optimized video modes.
– Fixed (workaround) for sampling phase 180 degree shift in M2/M3 optimized video modes.

* I normally flash with jtag, but I tested the SD card and it was able to correctly flash to an unmodified firmware from 0.75-aud-rg0 and also flash from an unmodified fw to 0.75-aud-rg0.
* The scaling filters selection is available in the post-processing menu. It defaults to none. Eagle3x is an odd combination of eagle2x and lq3x which doesn’t always look very good. I usually use lq when I’m in the mood for filters.
* Filter delta controls the difference allowed when comparing two pixels. It’s best to leave this at 32 right now.
* Selecting a filter adds an additional 1 scanline of latency.
* Selecting a filter results in the image shifting down a scanline due to delayed data read relative to sync/data_enable. That’s a bug I have yet to fix.
* linex2 mode still has the flickering pixel problem when filters are enabled

I tested all basic functionality that I could think of (only on snes and nes), but please understand that this is an alpha, custom firmware and you should only try it if you understand the implications.