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That’s great, thank you.

Yeah, my monitor only comes with ‘widescreen’, ‘original’ and ‘1:1’ screen ratio options. I guess what I’m getting in Linedouble – with the monitor set to ‘original’ – are the filled 3:2 you mentioned (without any vertical mask to cover the colored overscan of most MD games, you can clearly see the frame touching the top and the bottom of the screen, as well as the v-mask starting to crop from the very first/last line, once again at the top and bottom of the screen respectively).

I’ll be able to set at least the MD, since the Mega-CD is the only console I can boot up the suite with no need of modifications… With other systems – the Saturn, the Playstation 2, the original XBOX and the GameCube, all unmodded and unable to read CDRs – it may be a bit trickier, if not impossible, to get it run. Are there values to use (at least) as a starting point?

— Edit — Since I’m now getting very subtle jittering, during horizontal scrolling (it’s not wide-spread all over the screen, but localized around fine details, such as the tips of the green palmtrees on blue background, in Sonic 1), I wonder if there’s something else to tweak, in order to perfectly stabilize the image again, as it was before touching the H samplerate.

Thanks so much once more. ^_-