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Some NTSC titles that I’ve confirmed work forced at 960i RGsB but do not work forced at 480p RGsB:

Castlevania: Lament of Innocence
Contra: Shattered Soldier
Final Fantasy XII
Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb
Ratchet and Clank
SSX (in 480p, opening logo will show but nothing thereafter)
Star Trek Voyager Elite Force
Transformers (NTSC-J)

Some notes:

My setup:
-OPL version 0.93 (stable)
-Connecting to OSSC via scart cable
-Feeding OSSC’s output into a XPC-4

-Despite my earlier post’s optimism, it appears some games work at neither 480p nor 960i RGsB, but still only 480i RGBs (examples: Grand Theft Auto III, Jak and Daxter). This conceivably could be fixed in future OPL/GSM updates—might be possible now in fact, I could just be using the incorrect combination of OPL mode settings for these games

-When forced to 640x960i, the PS2 appears to render internally at 480p, then linedouble internally to 960p, then outputs it as interlaced. So to get a flicker-free, high-res image, the scanlines need to be set to alternating (the mode in which scanlines appear fixed on the screen). The result is identical to what the OSSC would show for line2x-480p content with scanlines.

-The best way to view this scanlined 960p output is at native res inside a buffered 1080p frame, e.g. with either a DVDO, XPC-4, etc. Scaling it to fullscreen will in general look like garbage because of the scanlines. There’s no test suite for PS2, however viewing any nearly fully white screen will tell you instantly whether the vertical scaling is perfectly tuned or not based on how even the scanlines look. If using an XPC-4, you can use the black button immediately under the remote’s top left green button to see what resolution the OSSC is outputting. For some reason my XPC-4 recognizes a 1280×962 signal, which requires slight vertical resizing to render the 960 lines perfectly evenly.

-In general you’ll also need to adjust the vertical offset in the GSM settings (I’ve observed the default value has the image shifted 20-30% too far down)