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Calle W

Sorry for bumping this old thread, but I’m experiencing some things that I would like to take a closer look at. Everytime I boot up my N64 I have to fiddle with the sampling phase. This isn’t a big deal, but sometimes I have to change sync lpf and video lpf. Today a sampling phase of 281, sync lpf at max and video lpf at 16MHz (EDTV) gave me the overall sharpest result. This regards the line4x mode.

The game I’m using for testing is Super Mario 64. If I use the same settings with Diddy Kong Racing, I rarely get good results. Diddy Kong Racing seems to always give me the best results with sync lpf a low or medium. The best way to get most satisfying results is to switch between two profiles with almost equal image quality until it produces an evenly sharp image. The left part of the image is not perfect, but it’s not that noticeable.

Profile 1: Sync lpf at max, video lpf at 16MHz (EDTV), sampling phase at 281
Profile 2: Sync lpf at medium, video lpf at 35MHz (HDTV 1), sampling phase at 45

Profile 1 works fine for SM64 after switching back and forth for a while. Profile 2 works for DKR after switching back and forth.

Would turning TVP HPLL2x off help? It says it generally reduces jitter at the cost of inaccurate sampling phase.