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So, I was so curious about whats going on here that I dug out the OSSC again.

First i checked nStatus, nConfig, nCE and CONF_DONE, they were all 0V when powered up.

I read about someone not properly soldering the exposed pad which led to proplems with nConfig always being low.
The exposed pad is not for heat dissipation btw:

I resoldered the exposed pad and all (!) pins using my newly arrived Rosin Flux

Then after switching on – the Display lit up and both LEDs are also lit up. But there is no text on the Display and it does not seem to respond to the remote control.

CONF_DONE is still low, nConfig is at 3,3V and nStatus is at 1,685V (high?!?)
This document says that it is stuck during loading configuration:

When connecting JTAG, Quartus detects a different chip than expected (JTAG ID code 0x020F20DD expected, found JTAG ID code 0x020F10DD).

The label on the chip I got in the advanced DIY kit says EP4CE10E22C8N, the BOM says EP4CE15E22C8N…

According to table 1-1 on page 3 of this document
The CE10 is almost short of everything compared to the CE10.

Was this FPGA sent out accidentally or is it possibly to run the OSSC fw properly on this one?