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@awe444: you can’t assume these old consoles to exactly follow NTSC spec, so calculations shouldn’t be based on that. As for N64, I think we can agree that it has MX8350 clock generator IC and a crystal based on console region. The datasheet specifies generated VCLK of 48.681812MHz in NTSC configuration (assuming N64 has matching crystal) which is a signal that also clocks video DAC. Based on a couple sources each N64 scanline consists of 3093 VCLK cycles, and each dot clock cycle is made of 4 VCLK cycles during which video & sync data is transferred to DAC in four 7-bit transfers. These numbers suggest that each scanline is 3093/4 = 773.25 dots, but I’d like to see 3093 verified since 3094 would make more sense spec-wise and be in line with what OSSC reports as N64 refresh rate (59.82Hz for 263p, 59.94Hz for 525i). Maybe somebody with N64RGB and USB blaster could check the value via SignalTap.