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@awe444: N64 doesn’t have (315/88) MHz NTSC crystal, but a crystal that should be 4x subcarrier frequency. MX8350 then divides that by 4 to get f_sc (actually I checked one N64 board and it had MX8330MC but it works similarly). In my calculations I used specified VCLK frequency (as shown in datasheet) divided by 4 as N64’s pixel clock.

As for your clock_rate/sample_rate formulas, they can be used for a ballpark estimate (e.g. (4500/286) kHz is only accurate for 525i@59.94Hz systems). For exact sample rate (and accurate refresh rate if needed) one still has to know console-specific details such as DAC rate, source crystal frequency and PLL factors (p/q). I guess dot clock number on the wikipage could at least be expanded.