Reply To: XRGB Mini and TV Compatibility


Oh nice, that’s awesome to hear!
My cap card is an AverMedia Extremecap U3, so I think it supports 480 resolutions. It’s been pretty good honestly, I was surprised it didn’t like linetriple.

The weird thing with my SNES is that it looks absolutely perfect on my BVM, and almost perfect on the Mini. You can sometimes see the famous white bar in the middle on the mini, but it’s only on very specific colours.
With the OSSC, the bar is insanely obvious and visible all the time. It’s strange, I would expect the Mini to have these same problems if they were the SNES. Are there any tweaks I could do? I’ve already got the low pass filter on as high as it will go, and it doesn’t really help. Turning it off gives some pretty insane noise too.