Reply To: Firmware v0.76



A lot of Amiga users mention the presence of faint vertical lines when using the Commodore RGB to VGA adapter (myself included). I see them on non-Commodore adapters also.

Did you see these lines before and still after going through the OSSC? My understanding is they might still need to be adjusted out but on the OSSC and not on the monitor side. I have had bad luck getting my Dell U2410 to eliminate them 100%.

I am waiting for my OSSC still but this is one of the main anomalies I am hoping to solve in my setup. That, and I am looking forward to more screenmode possibilities as well as scanlines!

Initially I plan to use the SCART input on the OSSC but my understanding is I won’t be able to try other screenmodes unless using the RGB to VGA adapter. My U2410 has the advantage of supporting a 15KHz signal but this is where I see the vertical bars the most. When using DblPAL HiRes No Flicker screenmode, the bars can be eliminated for the most part.

I should mention I have an Amiga 1200.