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Right, spent a whole night testing, got some interesting results!

I dug out my old BenQ TN monitor, and hooked that directly up to the OSSC. Turns out it supports 5x on the SNES without any tweaking, so needless to say this monitor is a BEAST. It looks absolutely gorgeous, and was a great monitor for testing.

I have a SNES mini with the internal RGB amp mod, with native csync. I’m planning on replacing it with a THS7374 mod, but I need to save up for that. The cable I’m using is from Retrogamingcables, and it seems perfect. I’ve got two identical cables from him, and both are exactly the same.

Most of my initial testing was with Yoshi’s Island. In the first level, the game looked super washed out. The mountains in the background were also super, super blue, using the images on the sidebars of this site as a reference. HDMI colour space was set correctly, so it’s not that.
It also had a huge amount of noise on those mountains, and the bar was extremely visible.

I then switched to ALttP, and I was absolutely stunned. Once I got into the sewer, all of the colours were absolutely incredible. Pixels were sharp as anything, blacks were black, every colour was vibrant and there wasn’t a hint of noise.

I then switched to Super Metroid, and again, it looked incredible. However, I remembered that when I was playing, the outside area next to your ship was particularly good at getting the bar and noise to show up.
Sure enough, I jumped to the top of that big room area, and it was just noise city. The bar was extremely obvious, and all of the brown sky colours had extreme levels of noise. I did record a video of this, but as soon as I had turned everything off and put my games away, I went and accidentally deleted the video. Whoops.

I tried my N64, and there was a bit of noise in the overscan area blacks. Unfortunately I couldn’t really find a good game that I could test with it.