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Thanks for answering. I bought this HNP06-050 power supply just for the OSSC:

According to its specs it seems to be a pretty decent one. But… of course: just because it is brandnew, doesn’t mean it arrived in perfect working condition. It may be a flaky one… i don’t know. I previously had the idea it may be the power supply – but after going through all my other power supplys, i just found an old unregulated one for my 5V ethernet switch. And i didn’t trust it enough to test it with the OSSC. But since i need a new 5V power supply with an USB plug, i’ll buy a good one… and a USB adapter cable to power up my OSSC. Maybe it will help…

Removing the audio board was the first thing i tried. I even flashed the non-audio firmware to… tried different (older) firmware versions… without success.

I don’t have any device with component output… so i plugged my old VCR via composite cable into the green component input of my OSSC. But like with my SNES: the OSSC display shows resolution and refresh rate for this input signal… yet the red LED stays on, indicating no stable sync.