Reply To: TV compatibility report thread


I just updated to 0.77 and now l2x-l5x works for my TV (Samsung un46c6300sf). Oddly enough on 0.76 lx4 was stable but not Lx5 but they’re now reversed on 0.77. Lx5 works with just a few tweaks. I had to set the lpf to 33mhz, hpll2x pretty Coast to 0 and disable the setting that most people have to disable for Lx5 to stabilize (the name escapes me at the moment). Every now and then the screen shakes for a brief second but it is very infrequent. I also had to change my aspect ratio to “fit on screen” in the TV settings as the default 16/9 left me with a box shaped image that was too large for the screen. Also, despite it not being listed as a compatible resolution for my TV 1920×1200 also displays a picture. It is 16 by 9 letter boxed but fills more of the overall picture than 1920×1080. I still prefer 1920×1080 though. It looks more natural.