Reply To: TV compatibility report thread


Hi! Ive ordered an OSSC v1.6 and need a gaming monitor. I have done a lot of research but still undecided. evilways made a post saying that AOC I2757FM is a perfect option and also is compatible with line x5 which is a must for me (i mean compatibility with Lx3 and above. Also said that this monitor is a best option that the ASUS VG248QE. I have a few questions..i hope someone can help me…

AOC I2757FM: Can I put this monitor in vertical to play shmups? Maybe with sone vesa some adaptor?
ASUS VG248QE: Is it compatible with lx4 and lx5?. Cant find this information. Has it any flaws with ossc?

Someone knows another monitor fully compatible whith ossc like this two?

I will apreciatte a lot some help.