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I’m well aware of it not being applicable for every game, Heck even in the OP I mentioned that the Triforce at the start of ALttP is corrected while the rest of the game isn’t. I’m also well aware of it being technically wrong, and obviously not what you would see on a CRT back in the day.

My main rationale for requesting this was for the option. Of course having the square pixels isn’t the true output, but for pixel art especially it’s nice to A- be able to capture an extremely crisp hard edged image, and B- set those games that didn’t have the correction in mind to get those perfect circles.

It’s not about being right or wrong, it’s about being able to choose which is preferable for you. I mean you could argue for Yoshi’s island that square pixel correction is actually what they intended since the GBA version preserves circles in the same manner, but that’s besides the point.

Options are good! If it’s something you don’t like then there’s no need to ever use it, and that’s great too.