Reply To: Question regarding SNES PAL consoles


I believe your talking about the 50hz/60hz issue with pal regions right? Most pal consoles run on a 50hz instead of 60 despite being able to do it and most consumers had crt’s that support pal60 back then anyway. Pal consoles like the n64 run in a higher resolution but have less fps than ntsc, but I’m not so sure when it comes with the snes since its running in 50hz?

You have to mod your console if you want to fix the issue because not only the image is squished but its also roughly 17% slower. My modder told me to be careful since modding a 50 to 60hz pal console can cause timing issues on upscalers or HDTV’s since it causes flickering but since the OSSC is technically something different in nature it might not be a problem, I’ve also acquired a Sony PVM 14m4a recently and I’ve read that this won’t be an issue on crts.

Even if you get your console to 60hz you might come into compatibility problems if your using a pal cartridge such as starfox (Starwing) which is why I’m saving up to get the sd2snes to play ntsc roms.

Since I’ve created this thread to figure out which cables I need so far I’ve recently got a csync cable for the xbox and playing in pal60 mode is fantastic its a shame that the ps2 doesn’t have this.

However I’m still confused when it comes with the n64, I was planning on modding my n64 with the ultrahdmi kit but its too expensive and my modder told me its not worth it so I went with etims board but retrogamingcables only have ntsc cables under their n64 page. Etims site shows a guide where the rgb mod kit can be configured to be used with a gamecube cable? If so should I just grab a pal csync gamecube cable if the n64 does allow csync if the board is installed?

Sorry for the huge post, thought I might give an update to what I’ve been testing recently.