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Getting analog sound over the 3.5mm jack doesn’t say much, since SCART-audio-in and 3.5mm-audio-out are directly connected, when switch SW4 is on the right position. At least it is a good indicator, that audio is sent in.

Since your oscillator was soldered the wrong way around, you should take a look at U8. It’s the audio A/D converter. The round indentation on one of its corners should face towards the HDMI connector. If it faces towards the SCART Connector, it was soldered wrong too.

If U8 was soldered right, you should check its solder joints and the joints of oscillator Y2.

Keep in mind: you need the audio enabled firmware (the one with the -aud in the filename) flashed onto the OSSC for the audio A/D converter to work! Since my own OSSC 1.6 is still in the works, i don’t know the following for sure: if you already use the last audio enabled firmware without any luck, you maybe(???) need a special audio enabled firmware for the new PCM1862 A/D audio converter chip (since the audio addon board for the OSSC 1.5 uses a different chip without its own oscillator). But i could be wrong.