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Now I would need a list or schematic or something that outlines WHAT component goes WHERE.

Is don’t see the problem. The silkscreen on the pcb should tell you (in most cases) WHAT goes WHERE. R1-R52 are resistors… C1-C126 are capacitors. The needed values are printed on the board too and (of course) theres a bill of materials (bom) available from ‘marqs’:

… telling you EXACTLY which part belongs to which designator on the board.

For the IR receiver, It will cost me about 40$ to have them delivered via aliexpress

The offer for the IR receiver in my posting above had free shipping FOR ME – that’s why i linked it. But there are other offers giving me very expensive shipping costs, with free shipping for other countries. For example: here is an offer for the IR receiver…

… which would cost me 55$, but on the other hand provides free shipping for a lot of spanish speaking countries.

There are three offers for IR receivers in total on Aliexpress, with different shipping costs for different countries – so you have to look around a bit.