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Ok, after a few days off the project this is what I have decided.

OSSC as a project is out of my league. It doesn’t work and I really don’t have a flying clue why. I got continuity from U1 U2 & U3 in some pins between the same chip, and some connectors, but I do also have continuity from U8 voltage regulator to scart in a lot of pins, and I don’t know if that is normal or else. Fixing all the possible faulty chips will involve more than 50€ for the three new to arrive. And as today, that involves taking apart the ones that I have onboard destroying them, or ALSO buying a hotair – quickchip thing that cost about 50 more to scrape them. And if I do that, I don’t know if the chips will be serviceable, or that operation will turn the ossc into a working unit.

OSSC costs 200, although somewhat pricy, that’s the reasonable thing to do, since I already spent more than that on mine between parts, components, pieces, replacements, tools and shit. And mine still doesn’t work. Maybe if I know someone who can fix this.. but I’m afraid in Spain there’s nowhere to go. If I had the board anew and all the components, I would spend a little more into the haku air station and use it to avoid manual soldering whenever possible, but at it stands now, The only sane thing to do is redo the entire thing with all new parts, and that means +150 just to fall into same trouble?, meh…

I offer my OSSC for spare parts / repairs for anyone here interested, As said It detects video input but nothing come out the HDMI port, the unit its completly assembled with all parts soldered. As said I don’t know what’s wrong with it and I have no means / knowledge to figure out why. If you are interested send email ooqq at my loss your gain.

Cheers anyway, I do believe the OSSC it’s still a fantastic thing 🙂 .