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Hi, thanks for replying. The OSSC says No Sync on the AV1 RGBS input. I’ve actually tried all the inputs on the OSSC. All say No Sync. So it would appear that the OSSC just isn’t getting what it wants from either my Sony BVM-1911 or my Olympus OEV203 (This is a reskinned Sony PVM-20M2MDU created for medical use.)

More details about the output from the BVM/PVM.

From the R out, G out, B out and EXT SYNC out ports from the back of my Olympus OEV203 I have connected a BNC to female SCART cable that I know works. I then tried two different male-male SCART cables to connect that to the OSSC (which also has a female SCART port.) When I connect to the RGBS out ports, the image on the PVM starts looking overbright and fuzzy, then when I connect the other end of the cable to the OSSC, the picture normalizes. Meaning that the monitor is detecting the termination of the signal on the OSSC.

I have no idea why neither my BVM or the PVM won’t give the OSSC want it wants.