Reply To: TV compatibility report thread


Not if you’re in (most parts of) Europe… 🙁
LG would be a good bet, if it weren’t for the RGBW panel thing so one really needs to check the different models for that (if you don’t care, probably good to go). Also one guy reported annoying auto-contrast function which, together with other things, led him to return it.
Otherwise I’d say the Samsung KU6xxx series, although not confirmed for the 43″ model, and some minor problems with SNES reported for the related 7xxx/8xxx series.

One “dark horse” to consider is Hisense, not many models reported, but they seem to be quite OSSC friendly (and I can’t vouch for their quality). If you were able to test one out, that would be cool.

TL;DR – still not really possible to say, and new 40-43″ screens are much less reported than 55-65″ models.

Edit: I see now that TCL TVs are actually sold in Sweden, dunno bout UK though.