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Seems so… Still, if putting it on the console end could have the effect of also improving the signal, even if just theoretically

If clean sync is available from the console I’d typically want to use that simply because there is less chance of cross talk. Theoretically at least a well constructed cables should be able to use composite video for sync and not have any cross talk, but why leave it to chance. Supposedly fully shielded/grounded SNES cables have still shown issues on my setup when using composite video for sync.

However if the conosle doesn’t output clean sync, luma for sync is almost always as good, unless you specifically need clean sync for something like an XRGB3 (composite video for sync processing is bugged in B1 mode) or Extron Crosspoint (only accepts clean sync)

Ah, thanks. A safe 75 Ohm, 3 V, perhaps? Are Playstations’ RGB fine in this regard too?

No clean sync output on PlayStation 1 or 2, use luma instead. Not 100% sure on the Dreamcast’s sync output either.

The whole TTL vs 75ohm thing wasn’t well known about until recently. A lot of monitors/TVs will accept and work with TTL sync even if it’s outside spec, though it’s potentially causing additional wear and tear on your equipment. People really started using clean sync a few years ago with XRGB3s and also because it cleaned up dot crawl etc on some TVs/processors.