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Just received my OSSC today (fw 0.78a)

Sooo…..anyone using this successfully with a Dell U2410? I am using the SCART input on the OSSC and the HDMI out to the Dell. My Amiga 1200 is connected using an RGB to SCART cable. When the OSSC is powered on, I see the test pattern just fine. When my Amiga is powered on, the OSSC reports a 263p signal @ 15.73KHz, 59.82Hz but I am not seeing an image displayed. I tried toggling thru the line modes and even tried PassThru but I do not see an image. My Amiga 1200’s Workbench is set to Dbl PAL Hi Res NO FLICKER but I initially just tried to boot from a simple Workbench floppy. The screenmode is default NTSC (might be interlaced, I’m not sure). When I did let it boot to the AGA screenmode from the mass storage, I got an out of range message on the Dell.

I am thinking the Dell might be picky about what comes across over HDMI, even though I am sure I used a Windows PC with an HDMI graphics card attached in the past with no trouble. Maybe I will try an HDMI to DVI cable next.