Reply To: Advanced timing settings for Amiga


Also PAL Amiga’s clock is well off-spec when forced into NTSC this can cause problems with some displays.

I kinda new I would have trouble with other Amiga screenmodes but I was surprised to see interlaced screens flickering as bad as they did (tested on the PAL machine). It mimics what a CRT does a bit too good but I suspect interlaced screens that are actually in games & demos may not look as bad.

It’s not that OSSC is intentionally mimicking a CRT here, it’s that it’s the only way a device without a frame-buffer can deinterlace. If you pass through the interlace signal your display (if compatible) will do a better job, but of course with input lag.

I have gotten used to the increased real estate of the Dbl PAL Hi Res NO FLICKER

Double PAL is kind of a weird mode, can you try double NTSC instead? I have a feeling it’s because you’re feeding in a 50hz 31khz mode which is not compatible with a lot of things.