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A missing IR receiver couldn’t cause it – i know that for sure, because it was out of stock and therefore my OSSC 1.5 didn’t have one at first. And i don’t believe the missing crystal would cause that either, because i had a solder bridge on the two pins of the very same crystal on my OSSC 1.6 and it just prevented the OSSC from outputting digital audio – everything else worked fine.

Did you solder the FPGA and the TVP7002 to the big grounding pads, or did you only solder the pins of both ICs to the pcb? I’m just asking, because i remember vaguely reading somewhere, that someone had (kind of similar) problems with his OSSC… till someone else he gave the OSSC to find the cause figured out, that not soldering the ICs to the grounding pads had caused the issue. I don’t know for sure, if that REALLY was the source of the problem (cause desoldering and resoldering both ICs may have fixed something else), but i guess it’s worth mentioning.