Reply To: Snes ghosting


I don’t believe this is a brightness issue. It seems to be a problem with certain 1-CHIP SNES’. Voultars board fully attenuates the signals and outputs perfect RGB, so I know it’s not an issue with the RGB bypass. I’m noticing a lot of the same ghosting effects as others with 1-CHIP consoles, and apparently it’s largely dependent on your display as to whether or not it’s obvious.

Borti has a supposed fix for this by lifting pin 155 of the CPU and connecting a 20ohm resistor in series to vcc. The resistors on the RGB board would then need to be removed. This just seems a little bit extreme, and is quite risky given that the pins are tiny and access is limited.

I’m really surprised there aren’t more people with this issue…now that I’ve noticed it it’s really annoying me. Voultar has said he’s working on a potential alternative fix for the ghosting on 1-CHIP consoles. If I dig up any more information I’ll report back here.