Reply To: TV compatibility report thread


I’m using the OSSC 1.6 on an LG 55EG910V. After some testings, here are my results…

240P passthrough: Y
480i passthrough: Y
480i laced: Y
480i bob: Y
480p passthrough: Y
480p X2: Y
384p passthrough: Y
384p X2: Y

For all consoles below, 2X, 3X and 4X worked perfectly fine. As for 5X…

Nes (NTSC-U, NesRGB): N (flashing image at best, mostly black screen)
Super Famicom (1Chip-01): N
Sega Saturn (NTSC-J, first revision): Y

Seems like 256 pixel width is problematic when using 5X on this TV. For 320 or higher it’s pretty much flawless however. Will try with a Sega Mega Drive and PC-Engine soon. I’m very surprised that it recognizes 384p passthrough and X2, especially considering the framerate is still the same (70Hz).