Reply To: Line triple mode to 4k?


Seems it’s not possible with the current FPGA:

you believe there is a way 9x at some point for 240p content fits perfect in 4k tv

Not on this hardware there simply isn’t the bandwidth, who knows in future.


Any chance for a more powerful FPGA that can do 9x scaling instead of the max of…6x I believe now? Would be awesome to have line doubling that goes perfectly into 4k for all these new 4k screens. Specially now that some of the OLEDs have as low as 23ms lag with amazing quality blacks.

Just wishful thinking. Not even sure if it’s a possibility or not but this is a part of my ‘holy grail’ fantasy in my head.

I don’t believe there are any FPGAs available that can hit the pixel clocks required for 4K. Maybe on some thousand dollar dev boards or something, but they certainly aren’t commercially viable

I think the Xilinx ZynQ would be able to, but then the device will cost around 300-350 USD …