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Ok, I’ve been able to spend some more time with the OSSC and have decided it will be best used with my dedicated gaming Amiga. This is the PAL A1200 connected to a 60″ Vizio M60-C3. Screenmodes will be mostly PAL Hi Res, then PAL Hi Res Interlaced and some NTSC Hi Res. Nothing outside of the 15KHz domain.

The OSSC has good default settings for the most part and I find that LineX2 is best for compatibility. The Vizio will not display LineX3 or X4 but will display X5 although it will take a lot of adjusting to reduce the overscan (if that is even possible).

I was not able to display NTSC screens at all until I changed the HPLL pre&post coast to 3 as marqs recommended. So far, this is the only change from the defaults I have made.

I have been enjoying an amazing retro feel with the high quality RGB output the OSSC delivers. Seeing all those demos and games on the big screen without any of the artifacts is very satisfying.

There are a couple problems, though. 1) When switching from Hi Res to Hi Res Interlaced, OSSC will temporarily lose sync (video and audio drops out). This is nothing major with most software but if a demo, for example, were to switch frequently between these modes, it disrupts the flow. My TV could be to blame for this but I don’t know for certain. 2) A similar loss of sync happens but not due to a screenmode change. It appears to be completely random. I will just be in the middle of something and then *bam* the video and audio drop out for a moment. I think I read about others experiencing this with specific game consoles.

I do not think I can do anything about #1 but I wonder if #2 might be something I can compensate for. I just do not know what setting is related to it.

jarp, you do have advanced timing settings for PAL Hi Res but you also list LineX3 for these. Since I am only using LineX2, do I still need to tweak these settings? I am able to use full overscan with the defaults.