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Yeah seems some monitors behave differently than others when h.samplerate is adjusted. My new 4k monitor does the same, image shifts to the right. My old monitor did not. That’s a bummer.

But I wonder… for me adjusting settings and not adjusting are like day and night, difference is insane (as expected if you think about it). From your wording (“native resolution”) I think you have scaling enabled in your monitor so your monitor always scaled the picture to full screen? Then it makes 100% sense that you won’t notice big differences; your monitor will ruin the result anyways.

Try to disable scaling, how it behaves after that?

Ps. It’s not only scaling per se which is the problem… it inheritently blurs the result. But it’s that some monitors have crappy scaling algorithms. Like my new cheap 4k monitor, it’s horrible, there is weird scaling artifacts etc. My old monitor had much nicer scaling algorithm and I did not mid using it. With my new… no.