Reply To: Should I try to run s-video through OSSC?


Hello, my OSSC has recently been dispatched so looking forward to that, praying my tv doesn’t cause issue!

Anyways, I do have an S-video modded Atari XL that I would like to hook up to the OSSC using a scart switch. Im not overly fussed if it makes any visual difference, well aware the device doesn’t support. However, for convenience I would like it hooked up to the rest of the switcher.

Would the Keene RGB2C Syncblaster be of any use here, has anyone tried it? Not sure I heard right but would a DVD recorder do the job to, converted s-video to RGB. I have a passive scart adapter and this runs nicely on the tv but will the signal get through the OSSC without hiccup?

Any tips here appreciated 🙂