Reply To: SNES issues


Thanks for that link Harrumph! Looks like another one of Chris’s great pages that I somehow missed 🙂

So that page pretty much tells me there’s no way the OSSC could get a pixel-perfect video signal for the 2-chip SNES, given that the blurry falloff is about a pixel large.

I do understand that the sample period needs to be delicately aligned to sample at a stable point. It’s just that I was convinced the OSSC was having problems with the shorter scanline, which seems to have been a red herring.

I did just try the new LPF feature, and it doesn’t seem to help at all with my SNES. Just gives me bright edges instead (as someone else has already reported). Guess it only works on less blurrier models…

Out of interest, I note that Chris’s page only checked the output from the cable. But I assume it’s been confirmed that the slow colour change is a property of the internal PPU circuitry, and not due to any discrete components on the board which could be replaced?

Anyway, I guess getting a 1-chip SNES is the only way to really use the OSSC with a SNES at this point. 1chip consoles do seem quite a bit pricier than the standard (unidentified) ones going for sale. The brightness fix seems like a trivial mod though, so that shouldn’t be a problem. And it looks like the ghosting just needs replacing a surface-mounted resistor as well?

Is there any web store that sells ready-made SuperCIC 1chip SNESes? does seems to have loads of SuperCIC-ready SNES models for sale, but they don’t mention whether it’s a 1chip, so I’d assume not.

Is there any definite verdict about which SNES/Famicom is better? The 1-chip version with the original look, or the Mini/Famicom Jr variants?

BuckoA51: Is that a mod for the 2-chip SNES? Any possibility to say anything more about it at this stage, or a possible announcement date? 🙂

And thanks for your input people, it’s really appreciated! I know way too many technical details about the NES, but my SNES knowledge is very limited so far. I was so close to ordering a Famicom on eBay, which would likely have been just another console with blurry output…

// Michel