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Funny – just yesterday in this thread:

… ‘borti4938’ introduced his own solution:

I was a bit annoyed about the LCD backlight. It was too bright and has to be turned off every power cycle and turned on if I wanted to change something. Hence I decided to do something.
I implemented an automatic control:
● turn on backlight every time a button (either PCB or remote) is pressed
● first press does nothing in order to give the user a chance for orientation (where I am, is the menu still open, etc.)
● backlight is turned off after 30s after the last button detection
Everything is implemented in hardware. Advantage is that there is no code space of the software needed atm. Drawback is that the BL is turned on even if another compatible remote is pressed.
Here is a beta build if someone wants to test it out.
I also have an option in mind, which controls the timeout time: e.g. 15s up to 60s in steps of 5s and always on.
What do you thing? Small feedback is appreciated.

He even implemented some finetuned changes later that day:

Small update if you want to test it: I recently changed the download file.
I set the BL timeout to 45s, but one can turn off teh BL immediately by simply using the remotes LCD BL off/on button.
Download link is unchanged; source code is in my GitHub fork (atm in a separate branch)

According to the German Circuit-Board forum his latest changes are:
After powering up the OSSC, the BL stays on for just 3.5s… which should be long enough to see FW version and input setting.