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Nah, all model Saturns can output great RGB with the right cable (see I can personally recommend the cables from and from, they both make their own cables and seem to know what they’re doing. For Saturns it’s important to note the difference between NTSC & PAL consoles. The PAL ones don’t do csync, so many ‘universal’ cables use sync-on-luma or sync-on-composite. thefoo.83 sells universal cables that output csync with a sync stripper that’s actually installed in a little box on the console side of the cable. If you only ever want to use your NTSC Saturn I’d recommend just getting an NTSC csync cable.

I can’t promise you this will fix your issue, but if nobody else has any better idea getting a quality cable from a reputable seller might be a good idea. Cheap cables frequently miss required components, are sometimes wired wrong and can cause all kinds of picture/audio problems.