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Yeah, I tried a direct connection between the OSSC and the HDMI Switch when I first got the thing. 🙂 When I first turned on the OSSC, there was immense flickering on the TV and eventually the image went black. None of the adjustments I tried worked until I just told it to do a straight pass-through. Straight pass through of 240p then has my TV do the scaling and that looks atrocious.

I then read about passing the OSSC signal through an HDMI passthrough device to “standardize and clean” the signal and tried it and was very happy.

I took a look at the 240p test suite software and did the lag tests. While very rudimentary there, it did indicate a total lag of 2 frames. To me, that is not noticeable. It’s kind of stunning to me that the SNES signal goes SNES=>OSSC=>HDMI-Pass=>Switch=>Receiver=>TV and that only creates 2 total frames of lag. Simply fantastic.